Tips for Indian Scholarship Written Test

Tips for Indian Scholarship Written Test

February 06, 2020

Written by: Mengkoang Keav, MA student in History at Delhi University (DU)

I am very fortunate to have been awarded a fully funded and handsome scholarship of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to study for a Master of Arts in History at Delhi University.

Given my recent successful experience in winning this life-changing scholarship, several friends of mine have requested me to share some practical tips and experiences in written test and interview.

I believe written tests and interview formats are different from year to year. However, I wish to share what I experienced in 2019.  Basically, there were some eight (08) pages of exam paper divided into four parts. Part I & II focused on synonyms & antonyms and some kinds of multiple-choice questions (QCM).

Part III was about creating sentences between two the similar words, but different meanings. For instance, to create sentences using the words “station and stationery”.  The last part was writing that had four topics in which candidates needed to choose two of them and each topic must be written in about 300 words.

How was the interview session?  If you scored over 75, interview is not required. I share some samples of the written test as following:

           I. QCM Questions (choosing one answer among of a-d below that can replace meaning underline word).

1.     This morning Dary went to see a doctor at the hospital near her house.

a.     Visit hospital

b.     Treat illness

c.     Play at hospital

d.     Relax at hospital

2.     Lita and Samnang go to somewhere which they give food to


a.   Market

b.   Cinema

c.   Pagoda

d.   Museum

II. Synonym and Antonym Words

a.     Synonym

1.     sleep =

2.     speak =

3.     ……etc.

b.     Antonym

1.     walk =

2.     drink =

3.     ……..etc.

                  III. Use words in pair below to make different sentences.

a.     Beer / Bear

-       Last night I joined my friend’ wedding and we drank beer.

-       Next week, my family will go to zoo to see bears.

b.     Station / Stationery

-       Now I am waiting my friends at bus station.

-       Dary’s house is stationery.

c.     Watch / Watch

-       Sokha’s uncle gave watch to her for birthday.

-       Dara watched movies with his girlfriend last night.

d.     Book / Book

-       On Reading Day Nary bought many books for her study.

-       Naro booked his flight to Singapore last week.


I am hoping that these tips and experience sharing help. I wish you best of success in this wonderful ICCR scholarship.